The Balanced Whole In a Charlotte Mason Education | Wildflowers and Marbles
In Memoriam: Charlotte Mason, (available as a free download to your ebook here) is a book of tributes written by many of Miss Mason's peers and friends who each share their unique remembrances of Charlotte Mason. As part of the remembrances, many of which offer highly applicable insight into Charlotte Mason's method of education, some of the children educated through the Parents National Education Union (PNEU) schools shared their thoughts on Miss Mason and her methods and philosophy. In a chapter simply entitled, The Children, one of Miss Mason's students reflected: "...it is only when used as a balanced whole that P.N.E.U. methods give their best results." Isn't that a lovely thought? A balanced whole. It is a thought worthy of a little exploration. In receiving your kind emails, many of you write looking for insight because you hope to move toward a more Charlotte Mason education. What a noble and worthwhile pursuit! I can say this with great conviction because each time I re