Charlotte Mason and Unrolling a Panorama in High School | Wildflowers and Marbles
I've been reading as much as I can about Charlotte Mason in high school. There isn't a lot out there. There are some really great resources that take you through elementary and middle school, but it all stops right there with the exception of a few bloggers that have taken the time to record some of their choices and experiences. Sweet Pea and I had no doubt that we were continuing on with Charlotte Mason through high school. I was motivated to read what Charlotte Mason had to say because I felt I had become lax and casual about Charlotte Mason in our home. I'm finding this time of reading and studying to be completely rewarding! Not only am I really attentive to every nuance and mention I can find about Charlotte Mason's Form IV (10th/11th grade) and Form V (11th/12th grade), I'm catching a lot I missed the first time that is really filling in cracks and solidifying methods in the earlier years! But, back to high school...our goal was simply to move a little wider and a little