Considering – Charlotte Mason and Our Approach to Language Arts | Wildflowers and Marbles
We're enjoying the beginning of a new year here! I thought I'd take some time to share our approach to Language Arts since some of you have asked. After typing for a bit, I realized this topic would probably be best covered through a series of happy-little-posts on language arts. This isn't to portend a complicated and difficult-to-comprehend approach, but rather signifies my desire to convey the details of what is a treasured part of our days in a way that isn't overwhelming in one.long.post! I have all the posts in the series written and set to publish anew every other day (which will hopefully give me enough time to answer your questions in the comment box)...so check back! I'll try to go in and link and connect the posts so that if you're reading this well after it is published, you can find the series easily. We approach language arts with Charlotte Mason's methods. In fact, Miss Mason's methods and philosophies are the foundation of our days and always have been. We follow the