Planning – A Beginning | Wildflowers and Marbles
Heather writes: Mind sharing what is in all your inspirational homeschool planning this time of year? What fun! I'd love to start a few planning posts. I'll start with a general one - one that shows you how I work my way in from considering the big picture down to the year and from there into smaller baskets of work. This is just how I work...it's not the *official* method for home education planning!! There are just.so.many.ways to plan and prepare for the next year! I've started gathering resources together and ideas are starting to take shape nicely. Our years always emphasize and invite creativity while we immerse ourselves in living books. I have fresh printer cartridges in my printer, a shiny new pad of paper, a bouquet of sharpened pencils, lots and lots of post-its, and a nice group of catalogs I like to look at for inspiration. The first thing I do in planning is build an overall picture. I like to lay things out with post-it notes I can arrange and re-arrange so that