Bring Back My Bar - Barbara Volkema | Scentsy Online Store
Bring Back My Bar You asked for it, You Got it. For the month of July ONLYAnd for those of you who do not know what that is, well it is simple really. BBMB, or Bring Back My Bar, is a month-long event that showcases 20 scents!Not just any 20, but 20 that have been discontinued!This event takes place 2 times a year for one month only!Curious as to what scents were selected this time around?? Look no further!Each bar is priced at $5. This time, Scentsy has decided to make a bundle for everyone!Scentsy 3 pack (any 3 BBMB scents) $14Scentsy 6 pack (any 6 BBMB scents) $25Bring Back My Bar Sampler (ALL 20 scents!!!!!) $85BBMB is available as of July 1st. To pre-order yours today, contact me!!! The scents are very rare and hard to find after the sale is over, so stock up on your favorites today!!! Continue reading →