WWRS: What Would Raven Say? - Whit Happens6
We have all had moments when we say some fucked up stuff. Most times we catch ourselves or realize immediately after that we effed it all up. We’re REGULAR! Raven is un-regular (yes i know it’s irregular)! What would Raven say? Generally the answer to this question is something wrong. Examples: Question: “Where are you from?” WWRS: My family has been in America in Virginia specifically since before Virginia was a thang. But if you wanna go back further im from every continent in Africa but one and every continent in Europe but one. Bitch im every woman! It’s all in me! Question: So you are black? WWRS: Im not, tho! Im proud to be a afriEurmerican or as I like to call it from Louisiana (or Virginia). Question: HarrietTubmanon the $20 bill…good idea? WWRS: Not that slave shit again. Get over it. History repeats itself but ugh. Rosa Parks took buses. She’s more like now and Harriet’s like so 1872. I mean I dont want her representing that culture that i may be a part of on Wednesdays. That last questions was the one that broke the camel’s back. Folks were already done with her after she wasn’t African American. I got what she was trying to say but she did an awful job at it and kept digging herself into a hole. Then she said the continents thing and there wasn’t going to be any saving her. This Harriet thing though. I’m all for conversations about why or why not ANYONE should go on the $20. If you don’t want Harriet there are a shit ton of valid reasons to feel like that. There are a ton of valid reasons to think that Harriet is the perfect choice as well. HowSomeEver…Raven’s logic is just devoid of any of that valid rationality. It just PLAIN OL’ SUCKS. Raven is essentially Stacey Dash. They are “former stars” pushed back into the main ring because of ridiculous statements. Instead of actually proving they can “back up” their ridiculosity, they continue to go out and look stupid. You know that trap you fall into by just reading headlines and not reading the article. This is the lane they live in. They have half assed information and rationale and continue to spew it like no one is going to ask them to DIG DEEPER, HONEY! I took to facebook when the Harriet thing popped up and the replies…I’M STILL CACKLING…they shaded Raven so hard! Even folks who were still undecided on how they felt about the topic couldn’t see it for Olivia! Here are a few screenshots (click to view all/larger versions). The next time anyone considers booking raven for something where they have to ask her questions…the producers should just be like: More from my siteSongs You Shouldn’t Play at Your WeddingSocial Experiments by Mr Jesus30 BEFORE 30 UPDATE #520 THINGS I LEARNED IN MY 20S: PART 2Whitney’s Framily TreeCiara is STILL way better off without Nayvadius