Beyonce - Formation : Black, Proud, Southern, and EXTRA LOUD - Whit Happens6
Beyonce did a lot of things with this video for FORMATION! Beyonce did a lot with this song FORMATION! IT MAY BE THE UNIVERSALLY GREATEST THING (other than Blue Ivy) THAT SHE’S EVER CREATED! I’m so proud and I’m so here for everything that is going on in this video!! I just…I could SCREAM!!!!!!! FORMATION IS UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK… PRO BLACK… SOUTHERN… RATCHET… AND RAW! When you add that together it is a MUSICAL MIREPOIX for this generation. Just a few things that I noticed. She’s raw and real about her make up. She’s negro and creole and Texas to the core. She keeps hot sauce in her purse and you better not say anything. No matter how much she’s come ‘UP’ she’s still southern to the core. THIS IS ME!!! Do you hear me? This is why Beyonce has grown on me so much in the past few years!! SHE SPEAKS MY LANGUAGE. Throughout the video she says she loves her black nose, her kinky textured hair as well as that of her daughter. Blue is featured in the video and is as cute as EVER!! I need a tutorial on how to slay like all these little baby dolls she has in this video. Blue gonna drop a twist out to fro tutorial on TIDAL soon. Bey has a little black boy dancing in a hoodie in front of police officers dressed in riot gear. At the end of the video they raise their hands in surrender to him and the scene pans to a graffiti “STOP SHOOTING US”. Just drop the mic here! But no…Bey has been laying on a New Orleans Police car that’s partially submerged in FLOOD water through some of the video. (I’ll wait while yall catch the spirit off that). At the end of the video, with her on top of it the car completely sinks into the water. Bruh…this video is so…it’s EVERYTHING!! She showed the hell out. If she performs this at the super bowl I’ll quit my job!! I swear because I will not be able to ANYTHING ANYMORE!!! Read More: Beyonce’s Formation: F**k Y’all I’m Me More from my site3 Songs I Said Listen To – May 2015“Do You Love Him” – The Countess Vaughn Tragedy3 Songs I Love – April 2015#StayMadAbby You Aren’t Owed Sh*tLemonade Lyrics that make me want to stay SINGLESummer Playlist