VIDEO: DeepFake Puts Nic Cage's Face EVERYWHERE, On Cast of Friends | What's Trending
If deepfakes weren't such an obvious tool to someday be used by destructive powers to manipulate the masses, I dare say, they might be pretty cool. We already showed off with awe and horror that footage of Steve Buscemi's head on Jennifer Lawrence's body at a Golden Globes after show interview, and now we present to you a bevy of Nic Cages taking the place of some of your favorite characters in pop culture. Nic Cage's face on Data from Star Trek's body, Nic Cage's face on Hugh Jackman Wolverine's body and, most unnvervingly of all, Nic Cage's face on the bodies of all the Friends from Friends, with Ross' face looking-- honestly, pretty much the same. Yeah, I guess David Schwimmer always kind of looked like Nicolas Cage. But check out the incredible Deep Fakery below! Let us know which deepfake Nic Cage was your favorite. Man, I hope foreign agents don't use Nic Cage as an attempt to destroy American democracy in the 2020 election. Everyone has already fallen for so much hoopla, please don't let us fall for something as goofy as this garbage.