If you do (Italy), you’ll die better.
50 surf trips to do before you die! Surf Europe puts Italy on its list saying: If you do (Italy), you’ll die better. “Italy as a country, Italy as a surf trip. Very fine ideas, both. In these modern times, we are discouraged against national stereotypes, for their being lazy, outdated, inaccurate. But in Italy, they are all true. They do wave their hands about wildly when they talk. They do eat pasta and excellent bread-based, cheese-topped hand held snacks. They do drive as if each journey were a police chase. They do wear shiny clothing, clothing that makes shapes. They smoke like… Italians! I went to Italy to surf waves and found them in the Liguria region in the north west. Liguria is a beautiful land, and the sea shines blue most days. People were warm, friendly, earnest. I had heard that it didn’t matter which restaurant you went to eat in, as they are all good. That was also true..”