You Can Know Inner Peace - Welcoming Peace
Who You Think You Are - And Who You Really Are Bear No Relation - One To The Other The goal of the Welcoming Peace Website and Blog is to help you find the answer to the most important question you could possibly ask yourself: WHO AM I? What could that question: “Who am I?” possibly have to do with finding Inner Peace, You Ask? The answer to your question is; Everything! Everything! Everything! And, just in case you missed the point, or I didn’t place enough emphasis on it for you; The answer to your question is; EVERYTHING!!! You can’t do one without the other. As you walk the path of continuously increasing your experience of Inner Peace, you can’t help but come closer and closer to the person you were originally created to be. All you need is a little bit of willingness, the courage to take a couple of steps into the unknown, and the knowledge that if I can do it, you can do it too, because there is nothing special about me.