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Get FREE access to the WBNL Coaching MY PATH 2019 Planning Guide. Just enter your name and email below to unlock the documents: My Path 2019 (Editable PDF) My Path 2019 Instructions Booklet We are sure that, upon completion, you will have a plan for 2018 that will allow you to align, connect, & prosper in all areas of your life. This Guide Book is your instruction manual for the editable MY PATH pdf document. You can enter your information right in the PDF or if you prefer, print it out and write directly on the pages as desired. Year in Review Brainstorming/ Mind Mapping Long-Term Goals This Year's Focus is My 333 for 2019 The Details 333 Monthly Roadmap My Business Pipeline My Project Pipeline My Weekly Roadmap My Daily Roadmap Quarterly Tune-Up Real Estate and Reality meet as co-hosts, Jan O'Brien and Matt Emerson bring you Tips, Tools, & Topics to supercharge your business. They'll share their insights along with interviews with industry