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Living a Life with Purpose October 29, 2015 There are more than 7 billion people currently living in this earth and it’s increasing day by day. Among this 7 billion people you are just another piece of blood and flesh. If thought rationally nothing will change even if you die just now unless you are a somekind of great person. Someone will fill your position and someone will do the job you have been doing. Within few years, even your loved one will start to forget you; they will learn to live without you (they have to). So, rather than dragging yourself everyday from your bed, struggling so hard, doing things you hate to do and waiting to die, wouldn’t it be logical to die just now. What’s the point of living? Why are you here? Is it money, fame or huge house that you are running after? Remember, at the end nothing matters, your money will be useless, your fame can’t bring you back from death and people aren’t even going to bury you in that house you bought. You were born naked and die