Work At Home: Social Media | Wahtips
Social Media has taken over traditional marketing and customer service. Instead of companies spending a ton of money on research and consumer panels they can simply type in a few keywords and find out exactly what their target market is interested in along with an honest look at how people view their products. Millions of people are giving big and small companies free advertising so it's not surprising that social media has become an actual career opportunity. Whether it's making posts on behalf of a company, answer customer questions and complaints, or simply moderating the comments section of the company page, social media has become a valid work at home choice. Here are 5 companies looking for people like you to work at home on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms. 1. ModSquad I've posted a review about ModSquad before which you can find here. They work with a lot of big name companies and hire people who work all over the world to do customer service. One of