Want to Become a Medical Transcriptionist? | Wahtips
If you're tired of low-paying work at home jobs, and you're willing to get a little training for a better job, consider medical transcription. After a 1-2 year training program, you could be working at home and making as much as $16 an hour or more with this skill set. Interested in learning more? Here's how you do it: Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings from healthcare providers like doctors and then they type them up into written reports. Maybe you've been in a hospital and seen doctors talking into a tape recorder or a telephone about a patient's history and figured they were talking to another doctor. Most likely they were making notes for their medical transcriptionist. Many medical transcriptionists actually work in a hospital or doctor's office setting, but there are companies that employ work-at-home medical transcriptionists. You can always start your own medical transcription service too, especially if you have connections in the healthcare field to help get