Call for Comments: You Kant Like That! | Vox Populorum
From Hannah: If you follow our show at all, you probably know that several of the main hosts (including myself) keep having a reoccuring argument about what the best show on television is: Riverdale or The Good Place (the clear winner). And you may think we're all wrong — especially since the last season of Game of Thrones is currently airing (sorry, but it's really not the best show on television). I've purposefully written those first two sentences with my opinions to make a point. We can't seem to help expressing our opinions on shows (or literally anything else) and — in that expression of like or dislike — we want other people to agree with us. Half the fun of Game of Thrones is watching with other people, either in person or via social media. In fact, even if we're collectively mad about something that happens on TV, we can very well go online and find people who agree with us (Sonic the Hedgehog is getting an entire makeover because enough people on the internet were mad).