Call For Comments: Cinematic Franchise "Endgames" | Vox Populorum
From Mav: (No worries, no spoilers in this post) Well, it's finally time... we're in the endgame now... and all that. In a couple hours, Avengers Endgame opens in theaters, and I assume a large number of our listeners are going to go see it (please, NO SPOILERS in the comments of this post). By all accounts this is going to be the largest pop culture event of the year... and well, we're a pop culture show... and even if we weren't, as I said during last year's Infinity War episode, it's just basically international podcasting law that you devote an episode to the Avengers epic. Every show will have it. Seriously... if we don't Disney will kill us all. Of course, we're not really a "movie review" show, so that's not what we're going to be doing. Or not exactly. Last year we talked about the way in which the MCU as a concept sort of reinvented what film is. Cinematic Universes weren't really a "thing" before... at least not like they are now. Well, this year we want to continue that