Call For Comments: The PCA/ACA Preview Special | Vox Populorum
From Mav: We're doing something a little different on the next show. One of the reasons we started VoxPop was because as academics we end up doing a lot of academic conferences... and we had the idea that the kinds of discussion we have at them would make for an interesting show, especially since my favorite conference, PCA/ACA is all about pop culture. Well, in a couple of weeks, all four of the regular hosts (plus several of our frequent guests) will be going to DC for PCA/ACA 2019. All four of us are presenting there, so we thought for the next couple of shows we'd talk about our projects a bit. Give you an idea of the kinds of things that we do there and maybe, if we're lucky, get some feedback from you for things that we maybe should talk about when we present for real. Katya and Hannah will both be presenting on games and Wayne and I will both be talking about comics. In other words, help us do our work! (Pretty Please!!!!) We talked it over and we don't think most of our