Call For Comments: Hipsters and Bikers and Goths, Oh My! | Vox Populorum
From Mav: A couple weeks, I saw a fun article floating around social media about a man who complained when he saw his own photo being used for an article about an MIT study that about why "all hipsters look alike" because of how insulting it was to say that... only to later find out that the person in photo was not actually him, just some other hipster who looked like him... you know... because all hipsters look alike. That's funny in and of itself, and so I shared it on Facebook... you know, as you do. And it sparked a little bit of comment conversation. My friend Mike Higgins pointed out that: "After all, there are numerous non-mainstream fashion groups (goths, punks, hippies, etc.) and the classic 'hipster' look is just one of them. Hipsters aren't articulating opposition to a majority group by their fashion choices, they are articulating membership in a specific sub-group." And he's right... or sort of. We talked a bit around that and then I realized it might make a good