Call For Comments: The (super)Power of Fashion and Symbols | Vox Populorum
From Mav: In one of my favorite recent comics, Batman #37 by Tom King, Batman and Superman are discussing the crests on their shirts. Superman tells Batman that S on his isn't really an S. It's a Kryptonian symbol and it stands for hope. Batman responds that "the bat stands for a bat." I love it because to me that exchange epitomizes everything about those two characters and their relationship over the past 80 years. However, it also makes me think of the power inherent in what are arguably the two most recognizable "symbols" in the history of the planet. Seriously, I'd argue that the Superman S and the Batman bat are up there with the likes of the Christian cross and the Nazi swastika (I never said they were all good) in global recognizability. What I'm saying is, to slap that symbol on something sends a message. To wear them on your person makes an implied statement about you to anyone else who you might happen to encounter that day. And I think there are levels of symbols. Of