Call for Comments: Streaming and the Death of Cinema? | Vox Populorum
From Mav: Back on our Oscars show, we talked a little bit about the movie Roma and what it would mean for the film industry if they allowed it to win best picture (they didn't). Last week rumors surfaced that Steven Spielberg is petitioning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to change the rules regarding how long a film must stay in theaters to be Oscarworthy. At least that's the story that broke; Spielberg is sort of maybe denying he is doing this. Nothing is quite clear and I have complicated feelings on the entire issue anyway. BUT it does raise kind of another question. Why do we still care about "movies in theaters" anyway? Or do we? I'm not talking about the Academy here. And I'm not talking about for winning an Oscar. What I'm really wondering is what do you look for in a movie experience? There's a lot of talk that the "cinema experience is dying." With stuff like Roma coming out on Netflix and being available in the home the day of its release there's the