e47. Milkshake Ducks & Problematic Artists | Vox Populorum
It seems like it happens every day lately. Your favorite writer, comedian, singer, actor, sports star, politician or whatever suddenly hits the news because it turns out he's a racist, rapist, sexist, homophobe, murderer or otherwise deplorable person. Particularly in the #MeToo era, we're seeing this more and more with the likes of Bill Cosby, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, John Lassiter and Harvey Weinstein... but it predates that. We've had issues like this with everyone from OJ Simpson to Paula Dean to Orson Scott Card to Michael Jackson in the past. And just this last week, we've had the return of allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly. It's not surprising that we on this show think they're all horrible human beings. But what do we do with the art that we've grown to love that these people produced BEFORE their fall. Are we supposed to ignore it? Are we supposed to burn our albums, movies and books? Or are we supposed to somehow pretend that we can enjoy the art without thinking of