Call for Comments: Bartlet for America 2020? | Vox Populorum
From Hannah: Since the 2016 election, I've participated in (and noticed) a trend: turning to optimistic, liberal leaning television shows to escape the reality of our current political system. Shows like The West Wing, Parks and Recreation, and Madam Secretary allow us to imagine that the people running our government take the term public servant seriously. At the heart of these political shows lies a call for common decency and a belief that reform is possible. The West Wing ended in 2006 and Parks and Recreation concluded in 2015 — so why do we talk about these shows alongside, or even more often, than Madam Secretary? (Part of the answer is that people are rediscovering/discovering these shows on Netflix, but what I'm interested here is how the messages of these shows do or don't line up with our current political climate.) Last year, The Washington Post published an article that detailed the current West Wing obsession. Answers of why viewers, both in and out of government