Call For Comments: Black (Superhero) History Month | Vox Populorum
From Mav: For better or for worse, one of my most popular articles I ever wrote on my personal blog was a post explaining my reasoning for being AGAINST Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, being named Captain America back in 2014. I was actually somewhat hesitant to write it, because I knew, even back then that it would be taken the wrong way by some people. A lot of people were excited about the prospect of a black Captain America. And I knew that by saying that I DIDN'T want it, on some level I would be lumped in with the people who were saying "but Captain America is white... stupid SJWs ruining everything! Just another part of Marvel's liberal agenda trying to inject politics into our comic books!" But that was never my point. My point was that I didn't really care about having a black Captain America (that I knew would be temporary) if that meant sacrificing a black Falcon! I ended up writing a whole presentation about this that I presented at an academic conference last year.