Call For Comments: Oscar Predictions and Baiting | Vox Populorum
From Mav: It's Oscar time! I love Oscar time. You have no idea how much I love Oscar Time! The answer is... well, a lot! Usually I put a list of predictions up on my regular blog. Last year I went 20 for 24. Pretty good, I think. I even nailed both Sounds Mixing and Sound Editing (both went to Dunkirk as I knew they would), which I'm always proud of because I maintain that most people don't know what they mean or which is which... including many of the people who vote for it. But everyone likes a good Oscar pool, right? Well, if not you should. They're fun! And unlike our Box Office Fantasy game, which is going to take months before we know how we did, Oscar pools we'll know in a couple weeks. Back on episode 40: Favourite RoyalTV (and movies), we had a whole big unresolved (duh) discussion about what makes a movie Oscar bait. So now is the time to put that to the test. So let us know... What do you think makes a movie Oscar bait? What do you look for when you want to choose what