Call for Comments: Monster Love | Vox Populorum
From Hannah: When we came to the end of recording our second monster episode on Halloween, I jokingly claimed that the 1999 version of The Mummy was the "greatest love story of all time," to which our guest Michael Chemers declared, "All monster stories are love stories." And we named (and have since named) a ton of examples from Warm Bodies to Creature from the Black Lagoon and Shape of Water to the Swamp Thing and Abby Holland and King Kong and all the different versions of Beauty and the Beast, and The Forest of Hands and Teeth suggested by listener Connie Deighan Eaton. (And, obviously, vampires, but please can we stop talking about Twilight?) And now we're recording our first threequel episode with guests Michael Chemers and Heather Duda on monster love stories just in time for Valentine's Day. (And as an aside, Cupid has his own kinda-sorta monster love story but no one will want to talk