Call For Comments: Head Canon Shipping | Vox Populorum
From Mav: Since Valentines Day is coming up we wanted to try a little game for one episode. We want to have an episode where we talk about the idea of "shipping" in popular media. But we don't want to just talk about why we do it. I think that's pretty obvious. We already talked on our Sex, Gender and Fanfic episode and the Gay Muppets episode about WHY it's fun to add to the canon of preexisting property and why we often do it through the addition of relationships (short form, we like being part of the worlds we enjoy. We also like sex. So it's only natural to explore sex in the comfort of worlds we enjoy). But what I'm proposing is a little game that goes beyond that. Head Canon Shipping! It works like this. We want to know what romantic and/or sexual shipping pairs you can think of in popular media that you can reasonably theorize happen offpage/offscreen. The catch is, that it has to be viable within the narrative of the extant text. The pairing can be permanent in your mind,