Call For Comments: I Hate Continuity (and so do you) | Vox Populorum
From Mav: We haven't really done an episode that focused on comics in while. This one doesn't entirely FOCUS on comics, but that's where we started. It's also academic... or at least, it's a part of my dissertation, so let's just say it is. And maybe it's a little controversial... at least to comic book fans, which hopefully makes it kind of fun. A common argument from any comic book fan is trying to figure out the "real continuity" of a character or shared universe. Particularly with DC Comics (also with Marvel, but particularly with DC), because of their habit of constantly rebooting their universe with Infinite Crisises (I know it should probably be Crises, but I don't like that as much). This has spilled over into the film and television universes. You find people posting timelines on message boards... trying to figure out how MCU films interact with each other... trying to explain away seeming errors. There are whole books written about it. So here's my big bold claim hot take