Call For Comments: The 2019 Fantasy Box Office Game | Vox Populorum
From Mav: There are many reasons I wanted to start this podcast. Obviously I like talking about the topics that we cover here a lot... sure. And honestly, a lot of what we do on the show is me working out concepts that I am addressing in my own work (or one of the other hosts is addressing in theirs). And the show has been great for that. But it took me a while to pull the trigger and get it started. Wayne and I had talked about it for years. Katya and I had separately talked about it for years. I hadn't met Hannah yet, but I'm sure if I had, we'd have talked about it for years too. But if there's one thing that might have really pushed me over the edge and made me get the ball rolling... it was the opportunity to play a game. The Box Office Fantasy Game. Our friends at The Protagonist Podcast, Joe and Andrew Darowski, have a game that they play on their show every year, and I've been fascinated by it. So much so that I said to my co-hosts that when we start the show, we are