e35. SPOILERS! (and Mystery Boxes) | Vox Populorum
Ever since the rise of the Internet we have all lived in constant fear of all of our favorite movies, books, TV shows and every other media being spoiled by some jerk who just wants to be the first to ruin everything for everyone else... or maybe he's just an idiot. It doesn't matter... once the spoilers are known the text is already ruined. Or is it? And is this really a new thing? Is it all JJ Abrams's fault? Hannah, Wayne and Mav are joined by Joe Darowski of The Protagonist Podcast to discuss the concept of spoilers in modern media. Are they important, where did they come from, and do they really matter? SPOILERS for... well, everything! Citations and Links: This episode's Call for Comments Frasier: A Cultural History by Joe Darowski JJ Abrams Mystery Boxes TEDtalk Thank you to Maximilian's thoughtForm Music for our theme Listen to Joe Darowski on The Protagonist Podcast and follow him on Twitter: @jdarowski Follow Hannah on Twitter: @hannahleerogers Follow Mav on Twitter