Call for Comments: Mediated Politicking | Vox Populorum
From Katya: Sick of hearing about electoral politics? Prepare to hear about it some more! (Hopefully not as bad as that family member that we often encounter over the holidays.) Media has always had a huge role in politics. In the U.S., we have the myth that JFK won the presidency because TV (which is largely true; his public perception changed wildly after that night.) Obama was famous for his use of Facebook and other social media platforms. And, of course, the United States currently enjoys its first "Twitter president." help us. Media changes how we communicate and deft use of its platforms can make or break a political issue or candidate. Television made mass visuals part of politics for the first time, giving a photogenic Kennedy the upper hand in the first televised debate in U.S. history. Facebook allowed organizers in the 2008 election to build excitement among younger voters and mobilize volunteers. Twitter — for better or worse — gives