Call for Comments: The Rhetoric of Digital Farming, Anti-Capitalism, and Talking Jellybeans | Vox Populorum
From Katya: Eric Barone and Chucklefish recently released the popular farm simulator, Stardew Valley, to iOS. The game draws heavily on Harvest Moon, allowing players to grow crops, care for animals, fish, befriend and even marry townsfolk. Having missed the farm sim. craze train (multiple times, in fact), and coming down with a nasty flu the week of the release, I forked over my $8 and— pleasing my inner Transcendentalist— started Walden Farm. Again, having missed the farming train (or tractor?) I was surprised by the corporatization subplot which, apparently, is a common theme in the genre. The game is framed by the player character fleeing their corporate,--presumably urban-- job a Joja Co. for the agrarian life of the farm, a literal return to the past enabled by the your digital grandfather leaving you a plot of land. Joja Co. doesn't disappear, however, instead they operate on the outskirts of town, undercutting the local market, stealing customers, and slowly sapping at the