Why is YouTube such a dump? - Vox Indie
Time for YouTube to get serious about cleaning up all the junk, spam and malware files on its site YouTube is great for finding videos about pretty much everything. Need to learn how to fix a furnace or use the latest camera equipment? There's bound to be a video shows you how. Unfortunately, amid the useful stuff, YouTube is also chock full of garbage. The question is, with its massive technical resources, why doesn't the site do a better job keeping house? I've written before about the epidemic of fake "full-movie" uploads that fill YouTube. That was in 2012. Now, four years later, the problem still exists. Apparently, YouTube isn't concerned that its pages are full of spam files, many of them fake pirate movie uploads that lead users to sites rife with malware and money-making scams. These fake uploads, promising full copies of hundreds of films, both indie and mainstream, are easy to find. Go to YouTube, search for a specific film title using the term "full movie," and voilà, most results will lead to garbage. These bogus uploads fall into two categories. Some offer links to other dubious websites while others are merely dummy files uploaded to generate advertising income (for the user and YouTube). Some do both.