BOGUS fair use claims hurt creators already victimized by piracy
YouTube users claim Fair Use as a defense for uploading full copies of pirated movies There was a lot of talk about fair use and takedown abuse at last week's the U.S. Copyright Office's Section 512 roundtables in San Francisco. Many of those who spoke, bemoaned how poor, innocent uploaders were victimized, time after time, by malicious DMCA takedowns. It's a tried and true talking point, convenient, but disingenuous all the same. Some of us, myself included, tried to make the point that creators, whose work is routinely (and massively stolen), are often (doubly) victimized by malicious fair use claims. I thought I'd share an example of this that occurred just this week on YouTube. On Tuesday a full-copy of the Swedish indie film "Kyss Mig" (all 147 minutes of it) was uploaded to YouTube by a user aptly named "Free Movies." As an added flourish, the user-name included the notation, "free movies bitches."