Important tips for domain booking | Vinay Murarka
A lot of time I heard from people ( specially in corporates ) that they forget to renew their domain or lost their domains. In most cases reasons involved for losing domains are >> a. The email id used in domain registration is no longer accessible b. The primary contact used in domain registration is not matching c. Used the same email id of domain i.e. and after domain expired, they cant retrieve control panel at registrar end d. The person whose mail id used in domain name is no longer in organisation hence alerts not received e. The person who booked the domain in organisation, left organisation and no information with company In Aug 2013, Travel portal in India, forgotten to renew their domain caused them 2-3 days downtime. ( Ref. TOI ). One can imagine loss of revenue as well as Brand Value due to this. There are few inputs I chalked out every one should take care of while booking a domain ( specially larger companies ) 1. While booking your domain,