Service tax on Domain and Hosting | Vinay Murarka
Service Tax on Domain Registration and Renewals .... Ouch... In domain and hosting Industry this question comes every now and then to me, Panic, Confusion.. grrrr... There is always a lot of confusion on Service Tax on Domain Name Registration and Renewals. Let me take few questions one by one. - Whether Service Tax is applicable on Domain and Hosting or not ? Till July, 2012 there was a confusion over Service Tax on domain names, But after Introduction of Negative List in Service Tax, doesn't left any window on this. Service Tax is applicable on both Domain and Hosting.Ref : - My turnover is less than 10 Lakh Rs. so it is not applicable for me. Yes and No, Confused ? Biggest confusion on this particular point. As per law, if your turnover is less than 10 Lakh Rs. you may need not to charge Service Tax to your clients But what about your purchase ? Please refer this AD from Service Tax Department Dt. 7th Nov, 2013 in Hindustan Times Page No. 9 So what this says ? This means