Tanit Phoenix: rising model turned actress
Written by: Refilwe Boikanyo Durban born model turned actress stars in latest Leon Schuster movie and proves that she is not just a pretty face. It is no secret that beauty and fame go hand in hand in Hollywood. Since the Marilyn Monroe era, some of the most successful stars on the silver screen started off as models. The latest local star to join the sorority of models who aspire to master acting is Durban-born Tanit Phoenix. But Phoenix success has not just been thanks to beauty. She's had to work hard. Phoenix's grunt work is finally paying off because she is the lead actress in Femme Fatales, a 13-part contemporary film noir series by HBO. And, despite her growing profile in Los Angeles, when home calls, Phoenix answers. So, when Leon Schuster asked her to be the lead actress in his latest film, Mad Buddies, she agreed, without hesitation.