Traveling Like a Boss | Virtuous Virgos
In 2016, we travel different places for events, pleasure and quite frankly just cause. Our destinations ranged from Houston to New York; and every month it seemed like we were either getting on a plane or jumping in the car. During our 2017 planning session, we found the need to consult with someone who was well travelled, informative and a foodie guru; because we love good eats. Immediately, the fabulous Shasha (@busybeingshasha) came to mind. We meet over coffee at the DrugStore Cowboy in Deep Ellum. The atmosphere was inviting and the drinks were fresh, hot and hit the spot. Shasha came prepared with her top travel tips and even customized suggestions on the spot based on where we were traveling. In total amazement, we quickly typed as she poured wisdom into us that we could immediately apply professionally and personally. Without hesitation, sharing this goldmine was a no brainer! Be prepared: Once you know where you are going, you need to immediately start preparing. Necia