Lessons on Coloring Natural Color Hair | Virtuous Virgos
So many of you know…or may not know lol, that Steph has colored her hair to be a red-head. Being a red-head has been a dream of Steph's for the last few years. However, she has always been terrified of color! Seriously, you can jack up some hair REALLLL quick! So since taking the plunge there are some lessons she has learned. Here are 3 three things that she learned real quick about coloring natural hair and her experience. 1. Her curl pattern will changed up - generally being looser. Steph has ALL the 4's curl patterns lol. The front and back are a 4A, super loose, then the crown is 4C, and then 4B is mixed up in random sections. This make it so fun with twistout because the shrinkage creates "unique" hairstyles lol. Adding color different "enhanced" these quirks. 2. Maintaining the color is a pain – Steph always started off loving the color, but as the color started to fade…not so much. Red is one of hair colors that fades the fastest out of all hair color. So with that in mind,