Wine Bootcamp at Little Washington Winery
Every Saturday and Sunday Spend 2 hours with us and we'll turn you into a certified wine snob! Led by our wine maker, Carl, this seminar is the snob free zone in plain English all about wine. Learn every thing you ever wanted to know about wine including how to taste like a pro, how to achieve aeration perfection, how to choose the perfect bottle in the wine shop, how to pair food with wine and get it right every time, the chemistry of making red versus white wine, what you are really supposed to do with the cork they hand you in a restaurant, how to tell if you are buying a dessert wine made with the juice from a grape or with a bucket load of granulated sugar. This session includes a molecular pairing experiment with a sandwich, 5 chocolate pairings and the Dirt Road Wine Tour. Please select one date that you really do plan to attend. Tickets are not refundable and last minute cancellations cannot be rescheduled due to catering purchases. If you can give us 72 hours notice that you need to cancel we can allow you to reschedule.