6 Hormones That Make Women Age Prematurely | Viral Buzz News
Scientists claim that our body synthesizes about a hundred hormones and that 6 of them are important for female beauty. They contribute to the elasticity of our skin, preserve our youth, and even contribute to our good mood. However, due to unknown reasons, sometimes our body fails, hormones levels decrease, and a person starts to age prematurely. The good news is that there are reliable methods to restore the balance of hormones. Bright Side has carefully studied medical literature and is ready to tell you how to sustain an optimal level of hormones. This will help your skin glow and make your nails and hair look like a million bucks. 1. Estrogen Estrogen causes fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin. When the level of this hormone decreases, wrinkles appear, the face oval becomes uneven, and the breasts become saggy. However, it's not just about the skin — the lower the level of estrogen is, the faster the body wears out. How do you raise the level of estrogen?