17 Strange Facts That Are Worth Sharing With the Whole World | Viral Buzz News
If you think that our world has already been studied backwards and upside down and there's nothing left that can surprise you, we'd like to make an attempt to change your mind. Did you know, for example, that you can learn about how long a person will live and how sensitive to pain they are just by looking at them? And you'll be even more surprised to learn what's hiding behind a mother's desire to kiss her baby. We at Bright Side know that the reality surrounding us is full of incredible facts which is why we've compiled another shocking bunch of them for you. 17. Short people are more aggressive. This doesn't mean that all short people are angry. The study has shown that they are simply more prone to indirect aggression, especially when it comes to competition for resources between tall and short men. It's in these situations, the latter can show a more aggression-oriented attitude. 16. People who look younger than their age live longer. People with young-looking faces have