We Still Love Lucy
I Love Lucy re-runs are the television equivalent of a hug. Whenever you are lucky enough to catch an episode, you can’t help but feel comforted and happy. Photo Credit Though, as time goes by, we feel more and more sympathy for poor Ethel Mertz. They owned an Upper East Side apartment building, yet she had to put up with Fred’s tightwad misery and occasional jabs about her frumpiness. Sigh. The Mid Century Design craze might just owe its renaissance to a generation that grew up on the nostalgia from the 1950’s. Starting off with French Provincial and then Chinese Modern which turned into the later sleek industrial techie design of Post Modern sleekness. Photo Credit Photo Credit For instance, in early episodes you see their first apartment, which had a tiny kitchen with darling little details (like the ruffles on the cabinets — though imagine the dust they’d collect!). In later years, they moved to slightly bigger digs, with room for a full table. Retro Casserole Dish // Vintage Ice Bucket Caddy Vintage Apron // Mid Century Cake Carrier Photo Credit The bedroom was super 50’s super fabulous. Twin beds (hmm…?) and those crazy daisies growing on the walls. We seldom saw the Mertz apartment, when we did it was kitsch and cozy but not as hip as the Ricardo’s! Photo Credit Photo Credit Today MCM design is everywhere from authentic vintage sellers to mass produced reproductions. Goodwill thrifts and flea markets in Paris sell a variety of grooviness; you can find great bargains or high ticket items in styles that span space age industrial to kitsch. Photo Credit If you’re like me and not a purist the sensibility of clean line industrial design is a cool accent to your daily life but not its entire reality. There are many groovy accent pieces and even some rather fancy sterling silver pieces. And then there is the lighting, which is this style magpie’s favorite. Mid Century Amorphic Lamp Bernard Buffet Lithograph // Mod Flower Lamp Shade The hunt is on and to the savvy collector with a discerning eye and a nose the deal goes the MCM prize.