Modern Farmhouse
Did someone say “modern farmhouse”? Well, yes, pretty much everyone did! You can’t get much more on trend than this look that manages to update classic vintage elements to create an environment well suited to modern living. Minimalist modern style pairs beautifully with the functional austerity of the traditional farmhouse. Simple, straightforward with a usefulness that takes comfort and ease of use into account. Today we value not just the simple beauty of the vintage utilitarian objects but the design aspects that give them a character all their own. Start with the time honored elements: white, wood and tin. Add a little bit of black to make it fresh. But leave room for some well-placed color and take the opportunity to blend in cottage style to soften the edges and take the look beyond the trend to become uniquely yours. AT WORK ON THE FARM Granite Ware Pot // Antique Vermonter Shears Gathering Eggs // Wooden Shovel Wicker Watermelon Basket Stoneware Crock Jug // Wire Mesh Egg Basket Wood Tool Caddy // Old Vermont Barn Rustic Wood Wall Pocket IN THE FARMHOUSE KITCHEN French Enamel Pitcher // Half Slip Petticoat Modern Farmhouse Decor // Tole Work Baking Equipment DIY Farmhouse Decor Primitive Rolling Pin // Antique Pottery Bowl Depression Glass Mixing Bowls // Antique Cabinet Sink Base “PRETTY” IN THE FARMHOUSE Antique Log Cabin Quilt // Historic Inn in the Catskills Open Flow Room with Farmhouse Charm // Milk Glass Vase Collection Farmhouse Chair // Modern Farmhouse Home in Washington Vintage Wall Mirror // Antique Doll Bed THE OUTDOORS Donkeys in a Barn courtesy of Sophisticated Vintage On the Farm // Antique Wooden Pins And no farmhouse is complete without chickens and a cat! Chalkware Chickens // Ceramic Cat Figurine