How do you know if you are becoming a Swede? | Viajar pela Europa
Yesterday evening, I caught myself committing a crime against my Brazilian roots! Do you believe I sent a message to a close friend to set a time to call her? That is so weird, my dear friends! Just a couple of minutes later, I started thinking about what I had done and how living in another country constantly shapes ones' attitudes and the way we relate to people. Over time, we get new habits. It is only then something that before could be unthinkable becomes part of our daily routine without we even have realized. The shock with my own behavior was such that I wrote down this list to measure your level of "Swedification". Then, I decided to publish it because that could be useful for you. Who knows? 😊 How do you know if you are becoming a Swede? You went to raid the fridge and came back with a piece of cucumber or any other vegetable. In case you don't know, Swedes use to eat vegetable for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, in parties haha); You are lazy to plan a