Beyond the 7-day: Weekend Coastal Storm
'Tis the season for changing leaves, falling temperatures, and the threat for coastal storms/Nor'easters. We already have our first candidate and it's showing up in the weather maps for this. Before we get into that though... indulge me here for a moment while I go into a brief rant. While it's the season for Nor'easters, it's also the season for raw model snowfall maps like the one above to get blindly shared, liked, Re-Tweeted, etc all around the social media world. You'll see them along with some catchy headline like "BIG snowstorm possible in about two weeks. Like and share so your friends can see". No... just no. This practice is just ridiculous and causes unnecessary panic. Just one example about what makes this practice insane is how weather models generate these maps. Fun fact - weather models cut the atmosphere into slices and depending upon the model's physics scheme, it assumes that if just a handful of those slices are below freezing, then ALL the precipitation falling will accumulate as snow... completely ignoring other precip types like sleet and not accounting for the "fluff" factor that the snow might have. I could go on and on here... but I'll just leave it at *think before you share*. What's the source? Also - I'll stand by my standard line of 1" of snow in 10 minutes from a snow squall during the evening commute is of far more concern than 4" of snow over 12 hours on a Saturday. It's not ALL about the snow totals.