13 Iowa Dog Breeders Named on Humane Society ‘Horrible Hundred’ List
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa currently has more than 300 puppy mills in the state, according to animal rights advocates at Bailing Out Benji, and the Humane Society of the United States highlighted 13 of those Iowa dog breeders in its annual Horrible Hundred list. “The USDA isn’t doing anything to stop these problematic breeders, the state of Iowa isn’t doing anything to stop these problematic breeders and when we try at the Capitol to help and get laws passed, we are stopped as advocates and as animal lovers. That’s the most disheartening thing that every year we look at this same list. The names might change but the violations do not and those animals are still suffering every single year,” Executive Director and Founder of Bailing out Benji Mindi Callison said.