Blizzard Making Travel Impossible in Parts of Iowa
IOWA -- A Blizzard Warning is in effect for much of the western half of the state until 6 PM on Sunday. Heavy snow and strong wind are making it near impossible to see on Iowa roads in the western half of the state. This will be the case for several hours as a blizzard continues to move through the state. Visibility will be less than a quarter mile for several hours in some of these area within the Blizzard Warning. The visibility is so low that the Iowa DOT has pulled their plows from the roads in many counties over NW Iowa. This includes Pocahontas and Calhoun county within the WHO viewing area. Roads have also been deemed "Impassable" across parts of Humboldt, Kossuth, Hamilton, and Wright counties in north central Iowa. This is one step worse than "Travel Not Advised".