Winter Storm to Disrupt Wednesday Morning Commute
Another Winter Storm is on its way to impact Central Iowa. A Winter Storm Watch is in place for Tuesday 6 PM through Wednesday 9 AM. This storm will bring more significant snowfall through Wednesday morning which will make the drive in to work and school difficult. The trough that will evolve into our winter storm is currently moving on shore off the California coast and will move on shore and through the southwest US today through Tuesday. All of the factors needed to get snow growth and intensity of snowfall are setting up for late Tuesday night through early Wednesday. A huge push of moisture will lift up out of the southern US bringing heavy rain across Oklahoma and Arkansas, and snow across Kansas and Missouri. The snow will start falling in southwest Iowa at 7 PM and will lift north to the Metro by 9 PM. Snowfall rates will be heavy from 10 PM through 6 AM. The snow will continue through 9 AM but will lighten up.