The 10 most tornado-ravaged counties in America
Tornadoes are the second-deadliest weather hazard in the U.S. and they tear down billions of dollars worth of property every year. On average, tornadoes are responsible for 1,265 injuries and 110 fatalities annually. Since tornado season peaks in early summer for some states, WeatherDB, a weather data site that's part of Graphiq, found out which 10 U.S. counties experienced the most monetary damage caused by tornadoes over the last 20 years (January 1996 to January 2016). Data was collected from NOAA's Severe Weather Data Inventory (SWDI) and the total damage for each tornado was adjusted for inflation. The SWDI also includes data on the number of deaths and injuries that occurred in each tornado event. Counties that experienced extreme tornado damage from fewer than 10 tornadoes over the past 20 years were excluded from the list.