Help ID suspected counterfeit crook behind thousands of dollars in losses.
WANTED IN KING COUNTY -- Detectives say this counterfeit suspect is part of a bank fraud and identity theft ring responsible for thousands of dollars in losses. Police say he's cashing checks and using fake ID's at a number of banks in King and Pierce County. The photo below shows one of the ID's he's using. We removed some of the information because it's a real victim's name and address. "It's a real Washington state driver's license and he has somehow put his picture on there and pretty much assumed that person's identity,” said King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott. “He's taking advantage of victims that don't know they're being taken advantage of. He's using ID's of them, with different names on them, that aren't him, pretty much assuming somebody else's identity. So far, we haven't been able to identify him, so we're hoping that somebody watching this will recognize this guy and give us that information, so that we can stop this from happening."